Film Set Construction

Set Construction 2018-04-13T18:17:40-04:00

You need a set…

Your regular crew is busy and you need somebody reliable NOW!

You guessed it, we’ve got you covered!

I mean, who better than actual construction professionals to build your sets for you?

We can and know how to:

  • Frame anything
  • Build structurally sound
  • Build in weak points if you need them for destruction scenes
  • Build to standards that look good but don’t have to last long
  • Maximize materials
  • Make things look aged or new
  • Utilize the mechanics and necessity of moving parts
  • Make pieces and parts removable and replaceable

So you are getting a company that understands the importance of quality construction AND the unique needs of the film industry.

What more could you want?

Give us a call.  We’re here to help you day or night.  Here’s our number: (678) 379-2779