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You have spent tireless hours going through location listings and back and forth with location scouts. 

You FINALLY found the perfect location.  A beautiful house that even has the perfect furniture!

So it’s time to get things rolling.  You show up and start to walk through the house eager to get to one of the focal point rooms. 

As you walk through the doorway, your heart stops.

The room that you were most excited about… the one that needed the least work…

Instead of the soft grey walls you saw in the pictures, walls are now a screaming red and yellow, but the owner doesn’t mind you painting as long as you paint it back.


But you’ve got crew on the way, your deadline is too close for comfort and you can’t afford delays!


Great Dane Production Services.

It’s what we do! 

Give us a call right away.  We will have a crew there in a very short time and you won’t have to delay your shoot for long.

We always have crews ready for emergency situations, so while you’re on the phone screaming at somebody that heads should roll for not keeping the listing up to date, we are taking care of the paint!

And yes, we can paint it back when you’re done.


We also do:

  • Outdoor painting
  • Indoor painting
  • Individual rooms
  • Whole house
  • Large buildings
  • etc…

Planned or emergency.

Just give us a call. (678) 379-277