Location Repair

Location Repair 2018-04-15T09:32:00-04:00

You’ve taken all of the precautions…

You’ve gone the extra mile…

Unfortunately, the effects of the shoot have taken their toll on the location, and it’s up to you to make sure that everything looks amazing and is all back to the way it was before.

So what do you do?

Give us a call, of course!

Location restoration is one of our specialties! 

We will:

  • Move furniture back into place
  • Repair and restore damaged flooring
  • Repair and restore damaged walls
  • Repair and restore damaged landscaping
  • Etc…

We’ve even been known to completely rebuild walls when needed

So really, if something needs to be repaired or restored, we can do it.

We’ll have the location looking wonderful in no time. Yes, even in emergencies, we can be there day or night.

Just give us a call. (678) 379-2779