Layout Boards and Floor Protection

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SITE PROTECTION!Great Day Layout Boards

There are never-ending need and concerns with keeping the flooring, railings, pillars, etc… protected through the influx of traffic and equipment that is necessary for a successful shoot.

You have enough on your plate with all of the other details that need to be taken care of on location, so why stress about the floors?

Just give us a call!  We are ready to install all the necessary material to protect the location.

And we do it right.

The materials we use will include 3×5 and 4×6 carpet mats, bubble wrap, corner protectors, and other similar materials.

Our goal is to ensure that your site is maintained in excellent condition throughout the duration of your use.

Great Dane Wall ProtectionWe also understand there occasionally there are accidents damage still happens.  We take care of that too.

Once everything is taken back up and cleaned, it will look as good or better than it did before we put the site protection in place!

There is never a need to worry about calling three different companies to get one job done.

We’re available around the clock!

Just give us a call.