Insect and Pest Control

Insect And Pest Extermination 2018-05-31T18:14:53-04:00

You will be filming outdoors.

You’ve found the perfect location.

The time of year is ideal.

The crew will be there shortly.

The fun is about to begin.

You get out of the car to survey the area and start mentally placing everything for the shoot…

Before you can get 5 feet from the car the mosquitos are on you like you have a flashing neon sign that says “FRESH BLOOD HERE.”


There is no way to get a quality shoot if everybody is swatting at bugs and trying not to get chewed up.

We’ve got a solution for you!

Whether you know ahead of time or just last minute, give us a call and we’ll get the entire area sprayed for anything that could be harmful or just a nuisance.

We hate bugs as much as you do and we’re happy to get rid of them for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE…  Most companies spray for Mosquitos, but unless they are spraying for ticks and chiggers as well your life is gonna suck.

So… we do more than just mosquitoes! (We get ALL the nasty bugs!) Give us a call and let us help you out!   (678) 379-2779